Hotel Willa Odkrywców


Dear Guests - Friends - Explorers,

We already know that it is safe with us, because in the interests of your health, yours and ours, our families and loved ones, we constantly work and watch over our Villa, so that it meets the safety expectations to the maximum extent.

Small is not only beautiful, but also safe - Hotel*** Willa Odkrywców is a small, intimate facility:

  • we only have 16 rooms,
  • we have a small team of permanent trained employees,
  • we have 3 separate entrances, so guests have different communication options - which minimizes close contact,
  • we do not have an elevator which means no close contact,
  • we have adapted all the interiors for quick disinfection,
  • the rooms are simply equipped and devoid of decorations and unnecessary decorations, which allows for thorough cleaning and disinfection, ozonation,
  • Our small common areas are quickly ozonized and disinfected,
  • masks, gloves, distance and sanitary regime, of course, we use, but we do not forget about what is also important ... about hospitality.

Our location perfectly allows you to avoid contact with crowds of people - Hotel *** Willa Odkrywców is not adjacent to public places, promenades, shopping centers and stations.

  • location in the buffer zone of the Karkonosze National Park
  • location in a smog-free area, at the end of Szklarska Poręba
  • close proximity to mountains, forest and nature
  • the possibility of going to the mountains within a few steps

The new organization of the "new hotel reality" - all to minimize the risk of coronavirus infection and to increase the safety and health protection of guests and us. Due to government restrictions on hotel operations, certain services may be limited, changed or unavailable.

All actions taken by us are in line with the guidelines of the Ministry of Development in consultation with GIS. We constantly monitor the recommendations, suggestions and recommendations of the Ministry of Health, Chamber of Commerce of the Polish Hotel Industry, WHO, as well as local authorities (County Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, City Hall).

We do everything we can in accordance with the applicable standards and in accordance with common sense and YOU, GUEST, PLEASE: reschedule your arrival if you are sick, have symptoms
​​​​​​​or have had contact with an infected person.

The entity participating in the Program declares that it has read the regulations and the current guidelines of the Ministry of Development and the Chief Sanitary Inspector for the operation of accommodation facilities during the COVID-19 epidemic in Poland, and declares that it will follow these recommendations throughout the entire period of use of the label.

Room arrangements inspired by the best wines - sparkling, white and red wines.
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