Hotel Willa Odkrywców


We propose:

  • residence voucher (any number of nights, breakfasts and dinners)
  • amount voucher (any amount can be used for all services)
  • special voucher (made according to individual guidelines)

A residence, quota or special voucher is a dream gift that you can give to a person of your choice.
A stay at the Willa Odkrywców Hotel offers various possibilities.

The voucher may contain not only accommodation and meals, but also additional attractions:

  • mini wine tasting
  • wine tasting with vineyard tour
  • mini tasting of regional beers
  • mini regional alcohol tasting
  • to welcome in the room: a bottle of wine, a bouquet of flowers, rose petals, fruit plate, sweets, basket of regional delicacies, special decorations depending on the occasion, a surprise delivered to the room at a fixed time
  • a package of maps and guides for hiking in the mountains and the surrounding area
  • festive meal (e.g. breakfast in the room, candlelight dinner, lunch on the terrace, picnic basket) in an appropriate arrangement depending on the occasion
  • individual session in the sauna - classic / infrared
  • sleigh ride / carriage
  • cake
  • organized trip - Rock City, Prague, Dresden and other possibilities
  • all inclusive option

The date of using the vouchers to be determined - usually up to six months from the date of purchase - excluding package, holiday and special dates.

In order to arrange the details and personalize the voucher, please contact:
tel. 75 744 55 77/75 712 28 88 or

Room arrangements inspired by the best wines - sparkling, white and red wines.
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