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Our kitchen makes the most of our possibilities and, in short, we do not take shortcuts.

We do not rely on semi-finished products or ready-made products. Products such as pates, roulades, roasted meats, jellies, various pastries and flour dishes and lots of other things we make ourselves, based on regional products ☺

Dyniowy Zakątek (eng. Pumpkin Corner) is a place that was created out of love for Pumpkins. This family farm (already three generations old!) is located in the Lower Silesian village named Olszany, and its beginnings date back to 1945. Thanks to the passion and commitment of the hosts - Asia and Michał - and their skilful composition of pumpkin with many other ingredients, gourmets have plenty to choose from. The Pumpkin Corner's wide assortment includes pumpkin seed oil, pates, pastes, hummus, jams, preserves, mousses, chutneys, ketchup, butter and many other delicacies - including homemade pumpkin baked goods. All the ingredients added to the pumpkin specialities are of the highest quality and most of them come from the farm.

For a good start to the day, for better digestion, for sorrows or for company :) Any reason is good to drink a cup of aromatic herbs with your breakfast. And not just any kind, growing in Marczów - in the buffer zone of the Bóbr Valley Landscape Park. It is a beautiful area, full of unspoilt greenery, with the rapid river Bóbr flowing through it. In the clean area, the herbs grow
as mother nature intended. In a natural rhythm, with clean air, drinking the purest water and catching the warm rays of the Lower Silesian sun.

A family company with a 20-year tradition, it cultivates and selects herbs from which the best herbal teas are made, full of distinctive flavour and beautiful, characteristic aroma.

We are constantly looking for what is regional and unprocessed, and therefore unique. That is why our table could not miss healthy oils from the Oil Mill. Katarzyna and Wojciech created their oil mill on the model of old backyard oil mills, where oils were pressed by hand for their own use and the needs of local residents. A small, family-run manufactory where the oils are pressed slowly, at a low temperature, under ecological conditions, and the raw material - grains and seeds - are sourced from reliable suppliers. The oils have the Local Product Certificate and certificates from the Wrocław University of Life Sciences.

The herbs we use to season them guarantee the unique and natural taste of all the dishes we serve to our guests. They need to be fresh and grown naturally... so we grow them ourselves! ☺

While relaxing on our charming terrace, you can come across clumps of thyme, rosemary, mint or basil.
Note: We allow you to nibble on herbs :)

We import Łomnickie cheeses directly from the certified organic farm "Kozia Łąka". The farm belongs to the European Network of Culinary Heritage. For several years, every year it has been included in the prestigious ranking of the Polish edition of the Gault & Millau Guide. In 2010, Kozi Łomnicki cheese was entered on the list of traditional products of the Ministry of Agriculture and bears the mark of the Karkonosze Local Brand and placed on the List of Traditional Products of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. All products are made 100% in accordance with nature - no artificial fertilizers or pesticides are used.

The abundance of cheeses plays perfectly with our wine ☺

Quality and tradition. This is what the KaMos Dairy Cooperative cannot deny. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development awarded the cooperative two distinctions for them - it entered the product on the List of Traditional Products and recognised it with the Poznaj Dobra Zywnosc (Meet the Quality Food) mark. In addition, they were also awarded the prestigious Quality Tradition certificate. This means that the cheeses have been produced in an unchanged recipe for over 50 years. Each cheese is made and cared for by hand using a traditional method by qualified cheesemakers who not only put their skills and experience into their work, but also their hearts. This ensures that a Polish and regional product of the highest quality reaches our table.

Kozłonoga Farm is a fully free-range, certified organic goat farm. The farm has a homestead cheese factory with an underground cheese ripening room and a wood-fired bakery. In 2020, the farm took third place in the competition for the best farm in Lower Silesia and the investment in the cheese dairy and underground ripening room received a distinction among ARMA investments in Poland and the European Union.

Our kitchen is full of real flour from the unique artisanal Młyn Skokowa. You will eat with us delicious dumplings, pancakes, cakes and various pastries, pasta and noodles and everything that is flour ☺ Młyn Skokowa is a family business run with passion from generation to generation by one family since 1955.
​​​​​​​White and wholemeal flour from wheat and rye or spelled are non-standardized flours, unlike in industrial mills - without any improvers, preservatives or chemical additives. The grain is obtained from local, small-area, proven farmers.

Bread is the basis of every polish breakfast. We focus on natural and tasty pastries. Every morning we get freshly baked bread from a tiny, local and family bakery that has been tirelessly run by Mr. Stanisław Raźny, owner of the Górska Piekarnia in Szklarska Poręba. Most importantly, Mr. Stanisław does not add any leavening agents, preservatives or thickeners to the bread. Someone once said nicely about this place: "The Mountain Bakery appears to me as a bastion of Polish bakery art, in which one is faithful to tradition..."

Honey is the only food product that does not spoil, but remember that honey can be spoiled (watering, heating, adding sugar, etc.). We want to make sure that the honey we serve you is natural and of the highest quality, which is why we have established cooperation with Patryk Waloszczyk - a local apiary in Dziwiszów - "Apiary of the Bóbr Valley - Honey from the Karkonosze and the Izera Mountains". The apiaries Dolina Bobru offer varietal honeys from the Jelenia Góra Valley and the Karkonosze foothills.

Mountain regions have always concentrated multiple plants
that cannot be found anywhere else. Among the many herbs, saffron, the popular yellow crocus, was particularly sought
after in the Jizera Mountains and the Karkonosze Mountains. Saffron is the most expensive culinary supplement with a characteristic honey-bitter taste. A few threads are enough
​​​​​​​to change the whole dish.

Szafran Izerski from Górzyniec has accompanied our cooking almost from the very beginning of the Willa Discoverers' existence.

“It was entered on the list of traditional products as the first drink in Lower Silesia with an alcohol content above 18%. It was created on the basis of a recipe from Staniszów from 200 years ago”, says Tomasz Łuszpiński, the creator of the current composition of the Karkonoski Liqueur. Liqueur has healing properties: it improves circulation, metabolism and digestion. Herbal aroma, sweet taste from forest fruits and bitter aftertaste from herbal extracts. The liqueur has been labeled with the Karkonosze Local Brand.

Although Poland does not have rich wine-making traditions,
the slogan "Pole can do" with regard to grapevine and wine production works 100%. Vineyards, small in terms of acreage, produce original wines, which can positively surprise both connoisseurs and occasional wine drinkers.

At the Willa Odkrywców Hotel we offer wines from proven vineyards. Every day we have something for you to discover...

For the past two hundred years, Bielawa has mainly been associated with the with the textile industry. Today, it is a city
of many talents, oriented towards diverse industries, drawing on the from the region's traditions and attractions. In the current
of these changes, the SOWIE Craft Brewery has found its place in the production halls of the former Bieltex since autumn 2017.
It was then that the first brew of Sowie Pils was brewed at the Brewery. The captivating beauty of the Sowie Mountains is a challenge and motivation to to work. Our beer must be as perfect as the surrounding nature, as stunning and natural. This is the reason for our emphasis on beer classics, bottom-fermented products, lagers, pilsners, March beers or wheat beers.

The brewery in Lwówek Śląski has over 100 years of tradition.
His fate over time was complicated, but in 2009, when Browar Lwówek Śląski was bought by the Browar Ciechan company, fate smiled at him. Major renovation works were carried out and new brewing equipment was modernized and purchased. In May 2010, the brewery resumed beer production - only in natural ways!
​​​​​​​- making it one of the best local beers. The taste of beers from the Lwówek Brewery has been appreciated during many brewing competitions.

Room arrangements inspired by the best wines - sparkling, white and red wines.
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