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Contrary to popular opinion, Poland is a country with centuries-old wine-making traditions.
After the advent of Christianity, wine in Poland became a necessary drink for liturgical purposes...
and bringing it from southern Europe was a big problem. This situation meant that the first vineyards were established, and the Benedictines and Cistercians are considered to be the precursors of wine-growing in our country. The history of winemaking in the vicinity of Zielona Góra, where in 1150, settlers from Flanders settled in this area is interesting. The first documented records of the
Zielona Góra vineyards date back to 1314.

Polish winemaking was developing by leaps and bounds - the first big jump came in the 14th century, when winemaking was no longer so dependent on liturgical needs, and the vineyards were founded or leased by townspeople. Wine has become a commercial commodity - an exchangeable commodity or a means of payment.

The good times of Polish winemaking lasted until the 17th century, when the climatic conditions deteriorated significantly (the Little Ice Age began), having a direct impact on the condition of the vines. Later it was only worse - in the nineteenth century, the phylloxera plague decimated vineyards throughout Europe, or the turmoil associated with World War I and II made the vineyards forgotten
for some time. In the 1980s, Polish winemaking begins to revive again, and the last decade is a veritable explosion of vineyards. As of today, it is estimated that there are about 300 vineyards in Poland.

For several years, Polish winemaking has ceased to be a crazy game of several dozen enthusiasts turned on wine. Vineyards are becoming more and more professional, which means that the quality of their wines does not differ much from those in Germany or Austria.

Due to such an interesting history of this drink - we hoteliers from Willa Discoverers - feel the need to spread knowledge about wine. We want the wine to be "ubiquitous", which means that we have filled every nook and cranny of our hotel with a wine atmosphere - from room names referring to grapevines, through colors referring to specific wines, to numerous small details deeply embedded in the wine world. We try to promote wine culture in all possible ways, but without pathos and artificial inflation. We strongly believe that the loose approach to this topic will make the wine win many fans.

From the moment you enter the Discoverers' Villa, the whole wine world is open to you...
We want to infect each of our guests with our passion for discovering new flavors and aromas.
From the beginning of the hotel, we strongly encourage you to try what is regional - well-known to us, proven and in the neighborhood. We are proud that we have managed to gather almost all Lower Silesian winemakers who can sell their wines in one place ... so you can make a wonderful enotourism journey without leaving the Willa Odkrywców Hotel.
And this is probably the most beautiful part of it ... it is the added value that practically without leaving the hotel, you can find out and taste what extraordinary and very competent winemakers have corked in the glass with a capacity of 0.75 l

It is worth mentioning that theory is a perfect supplement to practical knowledge. For years, good reading has been a great companion for a glass of wine. When immersing yourself in (in) a different world of the Willa Odkrywców Hotel, it is worth visiting our vast library, where you will find works related exclusively to the subject of wine. Starting from simple guides (Wine Folly), through pleasantly written books from Mr. Marks - Konrad and Bieńczyk - to cavernous encyclopedias focusing on particular types of wines, grape varieties and wine regions.
We also have a wine press available in Poland!

The more we strongly encourage you to "discover" this wonderful wine world...

Rooms arrangements inspired by the best wines - sparkling, white and red wines.
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